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Case Study: Soft Branding


After the Client had 10+ years of experience in servicing his target market through a corporate experience, he wanted to become an LLC. to better serve Clients according to his own philosophy and already had various professional materials.

The Client lacked his own unique brand that consistently communicated his core compentencies, a web presence for associate word of mouth referral marketing use and basic tools to communicate with current and prospective clients.


✔ Company Name

✔ Domain Name

✔ Hosting

✔ Professional Photo Shoot

✔ Logo

✔ Mobile Friendly Website

✔ Offering Video

✔ "Why I Do" Story Crafting

✔ Business Cards

✔ Setup Online Printing Source

✔ Email Setup and Signature

✔ LinkedIn Profile Update

✔ Consultation


The Client was overjoyed with the level of work received ahead of schedule.


Not Included: National and International Trademarking, Business Insurance Assessment, CRM, Mobile Payment Processing